Pants: MM6  by Maison Margiela / Tshirt: Asos / Bag: Chloe / Mules: Gucci / Sunnies: Gentle Monster

First outfit post after almost 9 months... And I have to be honest why it took me so long. Of course personal time doesn't exist now with two babies. But still you can always find a little time to do some things for you. You must. So time was not really the issue. My body was. It still is. Because though I was really lucky and didn't gain a lot of weight during pregnancy, I managed somehow to gain a few kilos at home the first 3 months. Zero sleep, hormones, breastfeeding and being inside all the time made me eat more. And with the excuse of breastfeeding I really let myself eat a lot...
Now after 7 months and a great effort to lose some weight I can say I feel a bit better. I am starting to feel that my body is mine again and when I see myself at the mirror naked I maybe see a glimpse of the old me. Everyone says it takes one year for your body to return to normal. I will have to trust everybody and be positive. After all these two miracles are worth my jelly tummy and every little "hole" of cellulite on my butt.

But I have to admit it feels good to be back :)



  1. Καλώς το το Τινάκι! Μας έλειψες <3

  2. Ωραια τσαντα και πεδιλα!
    Καλές βόλτες :)

  3. love the truthfulness in your so touching the everything about this ever so beautiful Tina..