I was really excited about this project from the moment I heard about it. It sounded so much fun and interesting at the same time. 
On a warm, sunny day together with sweet, new Mommy Despoina from youstrikemyfancy we walked like tourists around the beautiful center of Athens having our babies literally on us thanks to our new Stokke® carriers. In our company was also a pediatrician with whom we had an interesting talk about the benefits of baby carriers and he also confirmed how safe and comfortable the new Stokke® My Carrier™ is. 

But first I have a confession to make :) Being a mommy of two I got to choose which baby would come with me. And the winner was my girl because well she is thinner than him. So it was purely a weight matter. 

So how was my overall experience? Just perfect! Being a fan of Stokke® even before my pregnancy I was pretty sure that the new My Carrier™ would made our walk extremely comfortable and so much fun. And it did! My baby girl is now 5 months so she was able to hold her head a bit high and take a peak of so many beautiful pictures. And then the moment she started to feel tired, she just left her head fall on my chest and slept. No tears, no screams, no whining. She just closed her eyes. Actually I believe that this is the basic secret of the baby carrier itself. I share the same rhythm with my baby while staying closely connected to each other. And this calms us both. And this is the reason I use it inside home as well sometimes. When they cry and can't get to stop them I just put one of them in My Carrier™ and walk around the house. After all babies just want to be carried and this calms them down. And I get to have both my hands free to be able to do stuff around the house. I can't wait to be able to put them facing outwards in a few months when they will support their head. It will be so much fun to watch their reactions to all the things they will see while walking around. 
And our daddy in the future will get the chance to carry our babies on his back. Because the Stokke® My Carrier™ is designed to grow together with our baby up to the age of three! So it seems it will be our little "helper" for quite some time.
Why don't you watch the video and see what I'm talking about.. 

Photos by Konstantinos Sofikitis
Video: Kiriakos Nohoutidis
Tour guide: Yiannis Zaras
Special thanks to Anastasia from Crazy Diamond :) 

My outfit details: 
By Malene Birger coat /  Alexander Wang top / Acne jeans / Adidas sneakers



  1. I absolutely love this post and it's just what I needed to read <3 I love the idea of using others as inspiration and motivation.

  2. Can't believe this is a dress, it looks fab!