Dress: Wildwood via Free Shop, similar style here & here | Shoes: Valentino | Bag: Fendi | Sunnies: Victoria Beckham
Photos Marita Amorgianou  

Current mood: counting down for holidays.Can't wait for our mini, sort of "baby moon" trip. Actually it's far from a baby moon because we must stay quite close to the city in case of an emergency, so no turquoiz waters for us this summer. But I honestly don't care, I just want a clear, warm sea to swim in and enjoy the feeling of lightness. I guess all of you who have experienced pregnancy during summer and had the chance and luck of swimming can understand what I'm talking about. When you're in the water you get to feel so light, like you don't have a bump at all. And I guess it's good for the babies too... The only problem is that you don't fit in your old bikinis and chic swimsuits. At least I don't, since my bra size has increased dramatically and none of my old bikinis fit me at that particular area. It's unbelievable how my body has changed even from the first trimester and even now I keep staring at my bump when I look myself in the mirror.


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  1. congratulations for all! baby, colors, textures, combination, composition, shadows....