2015 FIRST


Culottes: NO. 21 / Blazer: Zara (similar) / T-shirt: JCrew / Shoes: Sergio Rossi / Bag: Chloe / Sunnies: Victoria Beckham / Rings: Tom Wood

Two weeks. Two whole weeks were just enough to make me feel rested and happy again. I have to admit we spent most of our Christmas holidays staying in, at our new new home, cocooning and sleeping. I so needed to sleep... And after I woke up :) I still had time and more free of work days to do thing for myself and I and above all? Preparing things for my wedding party which by the way is a full time job you know. Extremely fun but quite demanding. 

I loved these holidays more than others. They meant much more to me and so does this new year, which came among good friends, positive vibes and love. Much, much love.
Happy New Year! 



  1. Όνειρο το παπουτσάκι, Τινάκι! Happy 2015 =)

  2. I'm so in love with this mix T! You look amazing. Good luck with all of the planning. You're going to be such a beautiful bride! Happy New Year babe!


  3. that bag is everything!also like the entire look :)

  4. Happy New year my dearest! Kicking of the new year in style!! You look a-m-a-z-i-n-g and I'm loving these culottes of yours, so beautiful and unique. :)

    Take care and wishing you a happy and healthy 2015,

    Daniella xox