Cape: Etoile Isabel Marant | Jumper: JCrew | Leather pants: J Brand | Belt: Zara | Boots: Church's | Bag: Bottega Veneta 

The winter of wrap ups, blanket coats and capes has finally arrived in Greece. And the "finally" goes to winter, not the capes. Because this cape has been patiently waiting in my closet for the freezing temperatures. Ok, I exaggerate.. you don't freeze at 10 degrees Celsius. But you can feel the cold in your bones. We are really spoiled in Greece about what really cold means.. Anyway spoiled or not, I know I was feeling really warm and happy the day of the shooting. ;) 


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  1. Ahh Tina, this cape is soooo good. It looks amazing belted and with the total black outfit, very chic for the Autumn/Winter. I'm also freaking out over your boots, WOWww! Adore you my dear :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox