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The new Ek Thongprasert collection is now available to pre-order at M'oda'Operandi until May 21st.
And since we're talking about it...
could someone please tell me how is this name pronounced..? It's such a special name to look at with a great stopping power, but so difficult to actually pronounce it.
So the story goes as this...At first I looked at this whole craziness around this designer suspiciously, didn't you too? It's an odd  combination - silicone, zircons..? - and then suddenly.. kaboom! You suddenly understand that this is the whole point. This is the "different". This is the "new". The "eccentric". And from a "strange"creature, it suddenly becomes a "swan". Yes, I admit it, in many cases I need time to fully grasp a new idea/trend! And these necklaces are not only new or different or special...They are just unique in their absolute easiness. Because they are very easy to wear and light! Yes they are so light (silicone you see), you forget you wear a necklace.
Friendly tip: Maybe avoid the designs with layers since it's possible that they won't "fit" well on your neck. The simpler the better, as always.. ;)


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  1. I love every single one of these necklaces, they are amazing, each one is a beautiful statement piece! :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox