You simply can't resist falling in love with Athena's Procopiou creations - period. And especially this season's kaftans are truly exquisite! I say that by experience, since I gave in and bought the Dusk at Majorelle kaftan, which I already consider as one of my favorite statement pieces. Sometimes when you wear one certain thing, don't you feel differently in a good way? More beautiful, more mysterious, more stylish, thinner, taller and I can go on and on... Well that's the feeling I have with this kaftan. Seriously. And it doesn't happen to me very often..This along with the fact that she's from Greece, will make this affair last forever...
Make sure you check her collection of scarves and kaftans (<3)  here or here
Enjoy and happy (rainy in Greece) Monday! 



  1. the prints are amazing, I discovered her designs months ago thanks to 5 inch and up.


  2. Ah so beautiful! Thank you for sharing these pictures :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  3. Wow! So amazing! Can't wait to see which one you got!