Are you a "SUN of a BEACH" too?

Some of my beach essentials this summer are definitely my new SUN of a BEACH towels!!!!
The super inspired and "funny" brand name draw my attention and so I learned that the duet behind is the Greek fashion designer Melina Pispa and the stylist Ellie Rountou , who together have created a full line of beautiful, cool and posh beach towels for both grown-ups and kids, girls and boys!
In the photo you can see which ones I chose for my boyfriend, my Mom and me! :)
If we Greeks know something best, this is summer and how to live it to the maximum!

For more information about the designs and points of sale check out their website or Facebook page!



  1. Thanks for sharing! I need beach time soon. LOL


  2. ayto einai alhtheia..kseroume na to zoume sto epakro to kalokairaki!
    teleies oi petsetes..ola ta pragmata!
    Kales vouties! :)

  3. Greeks are definitely into sun, sea and so much fun! =D Their beaches are the best!

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  4. These look great! I definitely will be checking them out! xx Kayin