Dress: Mango (similar here & here) / Sneakers: Nike / Bag: Chanel / Sunnies: vintage Giorgio Armani / Rings: Tom Wood 

*LBD: the long, black dress.

31 weeks (=8 months) with a bump that looks more like 36 weeks (=9 months)...Literally feeling like I'm ready to pop because the babies are growing fast, thank God. Their movements now have significantly changed, I don't feel so much kicks as their whole bodies moving around. It's so strange and beautiful to feel them all day - and night - long. I think they are very active - especially the girl. She is moving all the time but I'm afraid she might feel a bit tight in there and she just tries to find a more comfortable position.

Talking about comfortable though and since I 'm trying to keep on going with the fashion identity of this blog, these kind of dresses are the only ones I can bare to wear. Fortunately I will give birth at the end of October so there won't be a need to wear heavier and warmer clothes - especially pants. I can't manage to get in maternity trousers at all, I feel they're too tight at the bump area. I hope the Greek weather won't let me down this year and will continue to give us some sunny days until then.



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  1. She is an adventurous spirit and a dancer..He is an intellectual and a her the space she needs to express herself and at the same trying to make things a little bit easier for his darling mom..
    As for you, more radiant by the day..
    love you,