Shirt: Giorgia.P | Shorts: H&M maternity (check a lot here) | Sandals: Birkenstock | Bag: Bottega Veneta | Sunnies: Victoria Beckham

Photos Marita Amorgianou 

And so we're back from our short baby moon vacation after 2 weeks. It's hard to return to work after holidays, especially when you carry a 7 month twin bump... But I'm counting backwards now. In just a few weeks I will have my maternity leave, so I will have some more time to get properly prepared for the arrival of our babies. Apart from the basic nursery's furniture - meaning 2 cribs - I haven't done anything else yet and I'm afraid the to do list is endless. But although I consider myself to be a freak with organization and preparation, at this particular phase of my life I find myself being ultimately cool and relaxed because the only thing that matters to me is for everything to go well with the pregnancy. After that we will sort everything out easily. 



  1. I love your top! So cute and stylish with the denim shorts. I hope you're keeping well my dear :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  2. Awesome bag & tartan shirt!


  3. love the outfit!! you look so sweet!! bravo for the pics!