Swimsuit: Marysia | Skirt: Lisa Marie Fernandez | Sunnies: Hubbie's Tom Ford 
Photos Marita Amorgianou 

Here are the 2 pieces I bought just before I learnt I'm pregnant and didn't have the chance to enjoy wearing. This amazing Marysia halterneck swimsuit and my favorite gingham skirt by Lisa Marie Fernandez. The first I didn't enjoy because I had to wait for the weather and sea to be warm, so when the time came the belly has popped and the swimsuit didn't fit perfectly on me. Especially on the upper area. So I admit that I mainly wear it for outfit reasons. This baby didn't go to the beach this summer :) The skirt which is really loose and light I would have wear it a couple of months ago but it was the period I was in bed, so I actually didn't go anywhere. Now if I wear the skirt and leave the top buttons oped, I feel a bit like a parachute. :))) 


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