Jumpsuit: Zara | Brogues: Stella McCartney | Sunnies: The Row

The last outfit of the warm days uploaded - finally - on the first truly cold day - and night - of October. Next to the firing place of our new home, while drinking my hot relaxation tea - that especially tonight doesn't seem to have much of a success - and in between a couple of "Under the Dome" episodes which obviously lost my attention since I'm writing this instead of watching that. Btw, it's actually a "fail" and a bad copy cat of "Lost". Wouldn't advise to watch it unless you haven't watched "Lost".



  1. Under the Dome is so bad that I'd bet my Valentinos that even Stephen King himself (although accepting the cameo "fill it up" coffee mug scene) abhors it. Still, I watched the entire season and I keep on wondering what on earth they will come up with for the upcoming one… In terms of your "jumpsuit movie" though there's a great plot line, mature character development and straight A cinematography by the one "Marita". Consider me a huge fan.-

    1. Hahaha! So glad you agree. We are finishing it too now.. Lots of kisses, t.

  2. Elegant and chic brilliance my sweetest Tina! Your Stella brogues are sooo good and the photos are simply superb :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  3. Good choice of outfit for this days.....
    about dome.... I could not finish to see one episode.... what the....