Yves Saint Laurent wished he had invented blue jeans. Andy Warhol wanted to die with his blue jeans on and Giorgio Armani believed that jeans represents democracy in fashion. Long story short? We all have a sort of love affair with our jeans, don't we? We have countless styles, colors, brands. And if you often face the dilemma of  what to wear - like I do most of the time - you wear your favorite jeans. Because if you look good in your jeans is simply enough. You feel beautiful, sexy...authentically you.

So that's the reason McArthur Glen Athens celebrates the timeless, all favorite denim trend until October 25th and offers extra up to 30% off to the most fashionable denim pieces! And I was lucky to be a part of this celebration and pick my personal favorite denim pieces and create outfits for every occasion :) Click here to check a small video as well :)

Jean shirt: Levi's @ McArthur Glen Athens (from 65€ now 45€) 
Skirt: Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti @ McArthur Glen Athens (fron 335€ now 135€) 
Bag: Kalogirou @ McArthur Glen Athens  (from 229€ now 138€) 
Suede Pumps: Kalogirou @ McArthur Glen Athens  (from 219€ now 139€) 

Photos: Nicky Economou

Stay tuned for more ;)


  1. Denim sure is man's best friend, next to dogs of course! I love your denim shirt paired with the white skirt. Such a chic combination and not one you see many people contemplating


  2. Yay for denim! I love the way you styled this classic denim shirt. Stylish, chic and beautiful as always :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  3. Love it!