Top: One by Viva Avida | Culottes: Zara | Shoes: Celine | Bag: Saint Laurent Betty (but the Lulu is so beautiful too..) | Cuff: Hermes

Photos by Marita Amorgianou

Two things I wasn't so sure that I wanted to wear. The first is the cropped top, which I admit that after last summer's trial period and some serious cross fit exercising, this seasonI am much more confident to show some belly skin. The second one I wasn't so sure about - as you might guess - were the culottes. The past tense is the key here. Were. Because the culottes or the wide-leg cropped trousers or the skirt pants or whatever you want to call them ARE the only ones...for me. And trust me on this, they should be "the only ones" for you too. And you might have already sensed that I don't like to make "heavy" statements, so imagine how into this whole culottes thing I am. And here's a little spoiler. Get used to them guys because they'll be around coming fall too ;)


UFF*: Unidentified Flying Frills :)

Get the look here..


  1. "The epicness" doesn't quite cut it. I mean the cropped top maybe ;) Amazed by your beauty and Marita's genius!

  2. Babe, this combination is so chic! I think it's awesome that you're stepping outside your comfort zone and trying out new things. The result is incredible! :)


  3. This top, the trousers and just everything looks amazing! You are looking incredibly chic Tina, you rock every piece so effortlessly. Love love love! :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  4. WHAT A TOP!!!!
    X Debbie

  5. Such a great mix of items and believe me, they don't look 'trend' at all. More classic and elegant which is so much better!

    Mandi / www.findmeamuse.com

  6. it seems that you have figured out the way to perfectly pair your crop tops with your cullotes. douze pointe!
    ps.: that first photo is amazing!