Dress: Victoria, Victoria Beckham (or here) // Shoes: Lanvin // Sunnies: Celine // Rings: Leivan Kash, Arme de L'Amour // Bracelets: 7cords by Apriati
Photos by Marita Amorgianou

One of the things I love about blogging is how I have let myself loose... And although I actually need time - a lot of time - to get used to new things - and people -, when I do loosen up I truly enjoy it. At this shoot Marita was hopping around from excitement because she loved what she was seeing through her lens. I on the other hand was shhhhh - oing her, telling her to be quiet although no one was around and also smiling from anticipation because I would have to wait a few days before getting my hands on these photos. At first I was a bit "shocked" because I felt that these "white chalk" photos were a bit too much.. So I waited a while before posting them. "You should wait a bit to "digest" them", Marita advised. And she was right :) because this one can easily become after all one of my favorite personal posts...

Acknowledgements :p
I consider myself really lucky because I have only few but true people close to me on this blog journey but people that I respect and love.
So.. thank you Marita for being one of them.

see more photo of the shoot here

Get the look..


  1. Farida El GazzarMay 12, 2014 at 9:06 PM

    Tina Sublime!!

  2. Superbly executed, magically inspired by my favourite duet <3

  3. I love this combo on you T and the photos showcase everything so well. Beautiful!


  4. These photos are amazingg!! Both you and your friend should be so proud! Your dress is incredibly chic, I love this look! :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  5. as always such harmony between style, ambience and emotion! looking forward to your next fairytale.

  6. Tina these photo's are absolutely stunning! I can understand getting used to a different perspective. That takes time. It's really nice that you have found a few people like Marita through blogging. A handful of beautiful people is all you need.

    x Mandi