Top: H&M // Jeans: Current/Elliott //Bag: Chanel
Photo by Marita Amorgianou 

Sometimes the safety of total black really makes my life easier - especially some days like today, when I accidentally overslept and I almost didn't have time to brush my teeth..:)

Back to the "black". You see I'm the official representative of "safety" in everything. I don't like risks, big changes or anything that would make my life go out of normal. I plan everything and I love my everyday routine. To many people this sounds boring, to me this is pure happiness. I like "boring", because boring means that nothing will make my life go upside down, and since I have experienced these kind of life changes, as I grow older I come to respect and cherish the calmness, the "no news is good news" kind of life. And to make a long story short and stop the psychological mumbo jumbo, I would say that this part of myself is depicted on my personal style too, because I do strongly believe that clothes show the type of one's character and personality.



  1. Have the top as well :)

  2. Beautiful details Tina! I'm also someone who likes my everyday routine and a calm life if something I would cherish. Wonderfully written :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  3. True black magnificence! Your individual grandeur truly mirrors your sartorial choices and that is what fashion should be about!