For a while now I follow the same, three-step ritual each time I want to look fresh and naturally "made - up". And since I never wear heavy make up this is actually something I do every time for any occasion, with my eyes closed - metaphorically speaking of course :p

1. Nars Radiant Creamy concealer or else my true "miracle worker". Trust me, it's the best concealer I have ever tried.

2. Shisheido Sun Protection compact foundation, all time classic. The easy way to make my skin smooth and give a natural finish with SPF.

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills aka Anastasia Soare the eye brow expert. After experimenting for some years with my eye brows I have to admit that I've done some permanent damage, so I don't exaggerate when I say that I can't live without my brow pencil and brow gel which make my eyes look much better :)

4. But apart from the beauty products, I am generally going through a more "natural" phase, so the foundation shades are "my thing" when it comes to manicure as well. This Nails Inc. nail polish  has the perfect nude shade and can be applied easily and perfectly by you. Really I did it by my own and the result was quite "professional".


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