So this is something like a beauty post (?). More or less how my bathroom becomes my personal, beauty parlour everyday with 3 of my most loving things - at least currently.
1)  Apivita Body Relax shower gel with vanilla & honey 
I love everything about Apivita, but seriously the scents of each and every product is "something else". I tried the "body relax" shower gel during my summer holidays and I haven't stopped using it since then. Also tried the body milk and it was amazing too!

2) Natural Soap with rose & black pepper
So, following my words above, this soap smells like a rose garden and due to the black peppercorns it scrubs as well! Trust me, you have never felt your hands so clean and refreshed!

3)Bioderma Sensibio cleansing water 
Let's go on with the upper body part. Removing my make up is maybe the one thing that I never forget to do before I go to sleep. No matter how tired I am, no matter how little make up I wear, I simply cannot get in bed before cleaning my face. So Bioderma is the miracle worker for this! I only started using it a little while ago, when my bffs were so excited to find out that Bioderma was actually available in Greece! I asked and they told me that it's their current obsession, I tried it too and I have to agree. It's the best way to remove light make up easily and effectively, from eyes too!


Get "my things"..

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  1. The Apivita shower gel sounds delicious! If I see it, I'll definitely try it out.

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