Oversized coat: Asos // Top: By Malene Birger // Jeans: Current Elliott // Boots: Kurt Geiger //Bag: Balenciaga // Hat: Jaxon  
Necklace: Jennifer Zeuner
Photos by Marita Amorgianou

"The planetary cosmos has an evil plot to make your life go crazy from October 21 to November10, 2013. It's called Mercury Retrograde" (source:

And I confirm that these past days all sort of strange things keep happening. It's like everyone - including me - has gone mad. Like  the whole universe is against you, me, everyone! Missing information, lost emails, hurricanes out of nowhere, delays (oh those are really something else), arguments, complaining, miscommunication. Honestly more than once I have loudly asked "Seriously....? What's going on?????". It's as if nothing - NOTHING - can be completed. And the minute you say "Ok! Great. This is over", the next minute something so stupid and unexpected comes up and you start all over again. And this will go on for one more week!

breathe in, breathe out. repeat. Goosfraba. breathe in, breathe out.


Get the look..


  1. ugh is that what retrograde means? definitely feelin it... sometimes retreating to cosy oversized coats helps, beauty x

  2. Stylin' big time! I mean excellence!! The flair of the photos the atmosphere and you are all things of dreams!

  3. Sounds like you've had an awesome time then! Like you said, just breathe.....And maybe do some shopping to :D Ahh, my dear your style and photos is just soo... super crazy awesome Chicc!!!! Freaking love this look and that coat = PERFECT :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  4. I love the atmospere of your photos! Hope things will get better soon! Hold on!

  5. well, good thing is nov 10 is approaching :) and then everything should be back to normal, or...? =)

    Sylvia @ WorldTasting
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  6. This is such a chic look T. Absolutely love it. Everything just meshes together so well. Hope things start looking up for you babe!