Creepers: Karl Lagerfeld
Photo by Marita Amorgianou

My boyfriend hates them. He looked at them one day and told me "I don't like these shoes at all", and he usually is much cooler about all the several new trends and styles that I try.
I can understand why, I really do...They are not the most elegant, feminine and classy pair of shoes. And when I decided to buy them a while ago I was pretty skeptical myself, I wasn't sure if I liked them or not.
But now not only do I like them...I can't get to stop wearing them. They are comfortable - really comfortable - and on the same time they offer these extra centimeters which although I don't consider my self short, I welcome them with joy. And I seriously believe that they make my legs look much thinner and taller.
What else do a girl need from a pair of shoes?

Get the look..


  1. These shoes are completely AWESOME!! Love love love :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  2. I have been looking for these creepers for the longest time! ASOS might have em. :D

  3. Those are so cool babe!


  4. haha yes stick it to the man! i have these in the leathery type, they are 5lbs each but still my favorite shoe x

  5. i love these! my boyfriend doesn't quite like creepers either, but i can't get enough!

    steph /