Jumpsuit: MiH jeans (a similar style here)// Loafers: Lanvin (similar here) // Sunnies: Illesteva // Leaf necklace: Apriati // Long necklace: Bulgari
Photos by Marita Amorgianou

Do you know how hard it is for me to find the right title for my posts... I really feel as if inspiration has dumped me. Often the posts are sound ready to be published, but title - less. I mean literally my head goes empty. Nothing comes to mind that could elevate or upgrade a usual outfit post, because I do believe in the magic and power of words.. And then some other times the pictures or maybe the outfit or Marita can give me the answer.. They say something and snap! I have the "just right" title, just right there. You know while writing this, at the same time I am thinking that it would be fun from now on to confess the titles borrowed from Marita *, what do you think?
As for this case the title is all mine and was so difficult to find.... NOT. Just joking...
So, "Light Blue" obviously because of the colors - around me and on me -, but also because I find the word "light" more that appropriate to describe this jumpsuit, which is probably made of the lightest texture I have ever felt...

Happy Friday..

*I admit that most of the time I think and do more than one thing at the same time. Some call it multi - tasking, I call it a bit of a "crrrrazy person".


  1. Crrrrazy or multi tasking you are fabulous!
    And I feel you honey! :-)


  2. Nice pictures!

  3. Of course I love your playsuit! Perfect and adore the light blue colour! :)

    Take care and have a lovely weekend,
    Daniella xox

  4. Teleies photo kai outifit! Fadastika xromata! Fadastiko meros!

  5. all digital hearts for this light blue dream. In terms of the titles, you can always play against all expectations and call this for example red. Or if that seems way subversive, you can play with the connotations of colors this being blue = sky, seaborn, baby breath, celestial dome etc. (kind tip from an English Lit grad) :P

    1. Well words just flow so easily out of you...It's a talent my cute girl!!!

  6. Love the jumpsuit and your pool!!!!! Blue is my fav color!

  7. Amazing jumpsuit!It looks comfy!!!
    I also find it hard sometimes to find titles!!
    I end up with something abstract/crazy or just an obvious one!!