Top: Chloe (similar here) // Skirt: Acne (similar here) // Bag: Celine Trio // Shoes: Alexander Wang // Sunnies: Prism // Pinky ring: LeiVanKash // Leaf necklace: Apriati  
Photos by Marita Amorgianou

"I just don't know what to do with Just don't know what to do with my hair.." and  maybe the White Stripes won't appreciate the joke (I wouldn't blame them either), still this is what I currently feel about my hair. They certainly need some trimming, but I don't want to lose any length. Not even 1cm.. And what about highlights? I usually do some highlights, but then my friends say that it looks a bit like ombre. Ha? My ombre style is something like "I am too bored to go to the hair dressers" kind of thing. And just when I am ready and determined that something must be done, I wake up and my hair has a natural, wavy, out of bed (but in the good way) style that I absolutely dig. Tadaaa! Happiness! BUT - because there's always a "but" - as I said this happens sometimes. Actually only few times. And because Murphy was a son of a b****, these few times that are actually counted on the fingers of one hand, happen when you have absolutely nothing to do..
Happy Friday!



  1. Hair is always a tricky one but I think yours always looks great! Omg I am so in love with your top, chic chic chic!!!!! :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  2. Beautiful outfit!I love your top!I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you'd like to check it out!xxxx

  3. Your hair is super cool. I love the way you've paired that top with that denim skirt. Would love to wear something similar to the fashion week in India, this year!

  4. this skirt is AMAZING!
    so is the top so is everything!!
    great outfit!!

  5. I "frill" you all the way!!that was an ensemble worthy of pure and unadultered streetstyle envy :)

  6. That Chloe top is such a stunning piece and works so perfectly paired with that skirt. So good babe!

    Happy Friday to you too! :)


  7. El top es precioso, menudo estilazo. Te sigo desde ya guapisima ;)

  8. Love that top and gorgeous sunnies!

    P.S. As for the hair, maybe try bangs?

    1. Well actually I have thought about it, but a few years ago that I tried it I regretted it after a while...But thank you Yen for the idea ;)