image via Carolines Mode

Do you remember the boyfriend's, flannel, plaid shirt back in the 90's?
And please don't say no. Because if you don't /(remember) that would mean that you were born after the 90's, and it would really hurt my feelings, you know? ;) So for us - the big girls - that do remember, it was quite interesting to watch Dries Van Noten transform it into this sexy, sheer, super feminine "thing" in his SS '13 collection. And what's even more interesting is the speed all these plaid pieces become sold out the minute they hit the stores.
I guess this is a trend post about plaid. Dries Van Noten plaid.

Oh and you know what?? 90's rules!!

Until later


  1. I absolutely love his SS13 collection! It's just incredible! :)


  2. I am so loving this trend and this collection. I have to get myself some plaid pieces. Great post x