Pants: J.Crew (check also this or this) // Knit: Madeleine Thompson (similar here & here) // Clutch: Stella McCartney (similar here and here) // Coat: Mom's vintage angora coat (check this here and here) // Shoes: Celine
Photos by Marita Amorgianou

Although the current holo-mania was quite covered just a post ago, I still can't help but notice how magically this holo - thing works. Take this bag for instance and put it on a grey background. It becomes more silver-ish. Put it near pink and suddenly you see bright pink iridescence. And since I brought it up, I want to officially declare (lol) that I think it's the first time of my adult life that I wear pink..And it felt nice - different but nice.  ;)

Until later..

PS: Isn't this special guest lovely??? He kept us company throughout and he specifically showed interest on my pink pants...


  1. All digital hearts and hugs to you and this wonderful oh so wonderful look I'd wear in a heartbeat! :)

    PS even the doggy loved these pants but something tells me he was really going for the celines.
    Well, let him know I saw them first :P

  2. Such an incredibly chic look Tina! I just love the pink and grey combo and that clutch is too freaking cool! Awesome buy!


  3. Love this look so much! The colour combination is so chic and I love your clutch! :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  4. lovely new acquisition for your photos, lovely furry new friend <3
    Love those shoes.


  5. love it! it's just a perfect compination!
    congrats dear :)