Eyes on: Koku Accessories

Maria & Ilena are sisters and the designers behind the Koku Accessories brand! It started in 2009 when they decided to join family forces and create their own accessories line with handmade products of high quality, that have clever and tasteful designs.
"We are proud to announce that we handmade all our products in our hometown, Athens.
We are 100% hands on! We design the collection, control the production and pack all orders in-house. As real Greeks we are superstitious, so everything that leaves our premises gets an evil eye sticker, just to be on the safe side!This is who we are, and we love it!"
And we love it too ;)...
... because a few days ago I had the chance to see for myself their 2012 summer bag collection and take some snapshots so that you can see for yourself why I fell for them! Bright colors, eccentric materials, clever details and summer- y icons really made it difficult to decide which one of all would be your favorite. I personally loved the oversized tote bags with the vibrant neon trimms and the wash bags with the fabric palm trees on them! 
For more info, photos, designs and some e-shopping you should check their beautiful site here or you can find some designs at asos as well! 
The wash bags I was talking about..

My personal favorites: the canvas tote bags. Can be your day shopping bag or even beach bag!


  1. Those bags are super cute! Love all the variety. I hadn't heard of this brand, so thanks for sharing babe! :)


  2. the canvas bags are indeed perfect for beach strolling! :) Beautifully hip